Book Launch – INDIRA by Sagarika Ghose

With the 70th Independence Day around the corner – you need to delve into this piece of historic beauty by Sagarika Ghose – INDIRA : India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister. Penned down by the notable Journalist, Sagarika Ghose – this piece takes you through the turbulent childhood of Indira Gandhi, her signature look, her love for sarees and her tryst with her destiny to be the first woman Prime Minister. This is Ms. Ghose’s first non-fiction piece – for someone who was alive during her reign as the PM, no one could forget the time she declared Emergency or the Bangladesh War. But what was a common ground of interest was the moment the news of Indira Gandhi’s death swarmed through the nation and how vividly each individual remembered exactly the moment.

For people like us, who have only heard of her legacy, it is a great window to get an insight of the iron lady. The chat session was followed by high tea – vada pav, chicken cutlet pav, kanda bhajiya, khari biscuits, shikanji, tea and more deliciousness by Chef Anahita Dhondy!
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