Grill up your burgers at BurGrill

The newest outlet of Burgrill opens in Rajouri Garden, after a successful reign in Satyaniketan, this one is a QSR. A small kiosk as a kitchen some tables on the road but deliciousness guaranteed.
This one isn’t in the main market but at the end of the F block road and maybe hard to locate, if I had to give a location it is on Major Sudesh Kumar Marg.

Coming on to the food, Burgrill is famous for grilled burgers and rightly so, we had the Bu** Fa** burger which has layer of cheese with some lettuce and cabbage with Southwest sauce, 3 crispy strips of chicken topped with chilli and a sesame crusted bun, amazingly delicious.

Bu** Fa** Burger


Bu** Fa** Burger

The other burger was a Chinese mix with a great patty, some Schezwan Sauce along with the dressing, while the addition was Chinese the overall taste profile of the burger wasn’t but leaving aside nomenclature this burger was also great!
Next up were the salads, I wasn’t expecting much from their salads but they really hae stepped up their game in terms of salads, the Meaty Mighty had 3 types of chicken with lettuce bellpeppers onions and tomatoes along with a light southwest. The other Salad had Yogurt Veggie and Nut had olives, fruits, almonds and walnuts with a yogurt based sauce. A perfect balance of taste, texture and consistency.

The sandwiches are a disappointment, we tried the pulled barbeque chicken, chargrilled veggie, and mushroom cheese melt. The bread was a disappointment in all of them, it absorbed the oil and tasted bad, the chicken wasn’t that tender and in the mushroom and cheese melt, the cheese was hardly there and chunks of mushroom didn’t taste so good.
The Wraps weren’t also that good, the Siracha Mutton had a good taste but the quality of keema mutton inside not so much, similarly with the Mexican salsa paneer, this roll was highly under dressed, the pieces of paneer made it bland and didn’t have that Mexican salsa taste in it.
The only Wrap which was good was the Falafel Wrap with a crispy fried Falafel with adequate dressing, A pattern emerged after eating all this that their fried items are really good, others not so much.
We also had the Hot Dog and Cheesy Fries, the cheese fries are friend and then baked with 2 slices of cheese and peri peri masala on top. The hot dog is also good with a fried sausage and topping of keema onions and chilli sauce, a typical Coney Island Hotdog.

Hot Dog


Peri Peri Fries


Stick Waffles

Ending our meal with Stick Waffles, which are a must try and the hot favorite too!