Coconut milk Maggi soup

2 AM hunger pangs, 3 PM hunger pangs, mountain favorites and now thousands of variations, Maggi is something that none of us can really give up. However much you try, it is probably impossible to give up on it. I have previously tried soupy noodles, Maggi cutlets, egg bowls and more. This time around, I tried Maggi with fresh coconut milk and it was hearty, healthy and very satiating. Here is the recipe for Coconut Milk Maggi Soup!

coconut milk maggi soup

Ingredients –

  • Maggi Cake – 1
  • Maggi Masala – 1 satchet
  • Fresh coconut milk – 1 cup


To make fresh coconut milk –

  • Scrape coconut into small pieces, add to the mixer with one glass of water and pulse for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Strain the mixture in a bowl, this is the first milk.
  • Repeat the above process to get the second milk. The first milk will always be thicker. Store them in individual bottles for 4 to 5 days.

For the Soup –

  • Boil 1 cup water, add the Maggi and masala. Cook the Maggi normally.
  • Add fresh coconut milk and cook till it thickens slightly.