Fabelle, a luxury chocolate brand by ITC

ITC Maurya, New Delhi welcomes Fabelle, a luxury chocolate boutique that actually is set to grasp the niche market of luxury chocolates. Right past the shopping mall is Fabelle studio,it has plush couches, display counters for all their chocolates, a live kitchen on one side where you can see the Master Chocolateirs working, a grand chandeliered entrance and pink purple pillows. Live Kitchen facilitates the DIY chocolates in which you are given some cups, fillings and toppings and thus you can create an array of endless possibilities.


Their ingredients are their specialty; they handle the entire process from sourcing to logistics. Cocoa is sourced from seven different regions each known for producing Cocoa but only the Master Chocolateirs can identify the subtle differences in each. The idea behind it is to create an experience, so while much care has been taken to research, test and develop these chocolates even more to set the ambience, the lighting and the presentation.


First up their box packed versions which are just in time for Diwali.

Elements are their box packed edition of Pralines with handmade boxes so that the impression is everlasting. This has been conceptualized around the 5 elements of nature – Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Woof. Each praline has its own characteristics and it actually crafted true to their name. While the Air version is filled with aerated mousse to offer a light,airy experience, the Water version is filled with acacia nectar which is flowy and Sea salt to balance out the taste. The Earth variant is a dark chocolate pod with dark mousse and The Wood one is grainy with cinnamon and coffee flavors, a woody feel. The Fire variant was the winner for me, it had Ancho chilies inside which are neither too fiery nor too sweet, and they are actually very well paired with the taste of chocolate.

Bite into each Praline to know the difference and even if you had a lot of chocolates, these are so distinctive in nature that they are easily differentiated.


Their Ganache, available in two variants each a pack of 20 bite sized piece, rich dark, and creamy milk. The Dark is has cocoa sourced from Ghana and Creamy Milk from Ivory Coast. This Ganache is delicate, it actually melts in your mouth, and it’s because of the research that is gone into preparation which ensures only type 5 crystals remain after the entire process.

Coming to the boutique, yes we expected something that is to be experienced just at this place, no packing, no take away.

First up was the Black Forest Revisited, while black forest is a classic pastry the Revisited changes it to another dimension. Pandagie base with 64% of dark chocolate, sour cherry confit layer and Madagascar vanilla bean crème, once you cut into this blissful preparation you can actually see these layers of the chocolate.




Black Forest Revisited

Next up Nova bond Cocoa Nougat Madagascar Chocolate, a crisp nougat piece and Smooth Velvety Madagascar Chocolate poured in top of it. The portion is for 2 but i’m sure I can finish this alone. The smoothness of the chocolate is because of the process of conching and tempering. When done at the right temperature makes the chocolate silky smooth.


Nova Bond Cocoa Nougut Madagascar Chocolate Frappedpp124

Vanilla Cremeux Bar with Saint Dominque Chocolate Mousse was another classic , Vanilla cremeux is prepared folding whipped cream into crème patisserie mixture, the mousse is prepared using single origin 70% Chocolate from Saint Dominique and layered intricately in a bar shaped dessert with an almond hazelnut crunch.


Vanilla Cremeux Bar with Saint Dominigue Chocolate Mousse


Ghana Milk Chocolate Mousse with Caramel & Banana Crème, a huge name but describing every element there is in the chocolate, A spherical ball like creation made of mostly of Milk chocolate, with flavors of toffee, Vanilla, and my favorite Carmel, This amalgamation of flavors was spot on. The Smooth banana crème was coving this and then the layer of chocolate as the outermost layer. With so much smoothness came the Hazelnut crisp on the top to balance out the texture.


Ghana Milk Chocolate Mousse with Caramel & Banana Crème


Éclair Venezuela, Crafted with 72% single origin Venezuelan chocolate coupled with notes of caramel and dulcey cream topped and topped with gold Pepin, this one in particular is to die for. The texture of this Eclair is quite notable while cutting it given a grainy feel; one bite into your mouth and you will realize that it’s smoothness.


Eclair Venezuela


Eclair Venezuela & Signature Dark Chocolate Petit Cake with Fluer De Lis

White Chocolate Cheesecake Jars, who doesn’t love cheesecakes. Philadelphia cream cheese and white chocolate infused together and embellished with berry coulis. The richness of this dessert will actually leave you satiated after your meal but be careful, this one is really addicting.


From pure white to the most intense, the last was the Fabelle’s 84% Signature Dark chocolate Petit Cake with Fleur de Sel, Intense flavor of Dark chocolate, fruity notes with 3 different concoctions of chocolate a pure dark ganache, a citrusy chocolate cream for balancing and a rich chocolate mousse. The base a soft sea salt and nut sablé enrobed in a chocolate glaze. This one is a dark chocolate lover’s paradise.


When there is niche market for a product, it is definite that it will be exclusive and it will thrive. A must visit for a chocolate lover and anyone who is planning something different in terms of a gifting experience.


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