Let's take a moment to BreatheFresh

Eating right and chomping on deliciousness has been the essence of this blog. But there is something even more important, ensuring we breathe in a clean environment. Both of us have always found it precarious to breathe and have developed conditions because of the rising pollution rate.
The smallest triggers include pollen grains, mosquito repellents, the use of spray cans, and staunch smells. Even though there are tons of air purifiers available, one brand is doing it naturally and after personally using it, I would recommend Breathe Fresh to everybody.
They have an array of products – candles, air purifier bags, plants and lamps. Their VAYU air purifier bag is the one I am currently using in my room. A jute bag filled with activated charcoal, eliminates excess moisture, dust, smells from musty corners and allergens. The bag is no maintenance and lasts up to two years.

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VAYU Natural, Air purifying bag

The VAYU bag too is available in different sizes depending upon your use. You can read up more about them here.
Here’s to creating a healthier environment 🙂