Margarita and Salsa bar at Arriba

Think colorful lanterns, an open kitchen, flowing tequila, stellar cocktails and an outdoor setting that is so perfect for Delhi winters. Colorful flags, potted greens and murals on the rustic walls, Located at Khel Gaon Marg, the Mexican joint has some crazy deals on cocktails, including an unlimited menu for Sundays where you would be treated to the finest margaritas and more. They also have a Churros fest going on till 30th November.

We started with some stellar cocktails – Lime and mint foam margarita – classic lime margarita with springs f fresh mint leaves, topped with peppermint foam, the salt rim and peppermint foam is absolutely yummy. White wine sangria – white wine, green apple, peach, orange juice and triple sec, a perfect amalgamation and a perfect wine glass.

Start with their Guacamole and salsa carnivale – freshly made home made tortilla chips, fresh guacamole and different salsa flavors. The smooth avocado, with tomatoes and crunchy onions, spiced green tomato salsa, charred tomato, fresh pickled jalapeno, watermelon togarashi and feta cheese, mango coriander and herbanero. I found myself gobbling up the guacamole and charred tomato salsa from the lot. Tequila and white wine mushrooms – mushrooms drunken and marinated with copious amounts spirits, served with potato aglio olio. The potatoes are not enough to cut down the pungency of the mushrooms, and needed cheese to balance the strong flavors. Beer and Chipotle lime fish taco bites – beer battered, soft and flavorsome fishes bites, propped over mini soft shell tacos, cilantro, guacamole and sour cream, absolutely delicious. Mexican charred morita chili chicken skewers – well marinated chicken with a charred pepper and drizzled with creamy tomato sauce and salsa. The chicken is so, so well marinated and just cooked perfectly to melt in your mouth. Chicken Tortas – grilled chicken strips (again, perfectly grilled, served in soft buns with lettuce, sour cream and guacamole.

For mains with gobbled on their rice pots – El Pollo Loco – garlic chilli rubbed chicken, fajita vegetables and the creamiest sour cream. The chicken was again so juicy and well cooked with a hot, tomato sauce. Served with pilaf, this chicken dish is a dream for all meat lovers. Mexican saffron pilaf and Chilli Rellenos in walnut sauce – the pilaf in both is the same and flavorsome with Mexican rice. The saffron infused with paprika comes with fresh salsa, sour cream and pepper. The chilli rellenos, batter fried chillies stuffed cheese, bell pepper and topped with a creamy, walnut sauce and the sweet crunch of pomegranate seeds.

Ended the meal with the splendid deliciousness from their churros fest – they have six kinds of different churros each priced at 525 INR (a tad steep for the quantity) My favourites from the lot were the pop sickles covered in salted caramel and the butterscotch ice cream sandwich churro.
Arriba (19)

Rainbow dusted chocolate churros

Arriba (20)

Churro Bite Pop Sickles

Arriba (21)

Churros Ice cream sandwich

Arriba is the perfect al fresco dining spot for margaritas, well done chicken and their nachos and guacamole are second to none. Also, their churros fest is on till 30th November guys!
Where? The Village Restaurant Complex, Khel Gaon Marg
Price for two – 2800 INR approx
Cuisine – Mexican
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