Plum by Bent Chair

Plum by Bent Chair has been the talk of the town ever since its launch. A successful run in Mumbai, this Retail cum dining space is here to knock your socks off. A huge space in Worldmark 1, Aerocity, every inch is super Insta-worthy. More, from the couches, paintings, fixtures to plates, everything is on retail, you can buy it right there or from their website.


Plum’s signature cocktails are quite interesting concoctions. The Spritzer made for a perfect onset of spring with refreshing cucumber and basil. Fig in fashion was the surprise package, with a lot of layers, bourbon and dashes of bitters.

Baos, Dimsum & Sushi

The Multiple Mushroom Bao was absolutely delicious. Braised mushrooms, shimzu, button, white fungus, in a soft, steamed bao. Green Dumplings & Edamame and Truffle Dumplings. The dimsum skin was slightly sticky making it friable. The fillings were super fresh and undeniably delish. Truffle Tofu sushi and Salmon Tuna Uramaki. The truffle tofu sushi needed something to cut the creamy textures. The salmon tuna uramaki was a perfectly balanced roll, fresh tuna, avocado and salmon, topped with sesame seeds. A drizzle of chilly mayonnaise.

Small Plates

Dried Red Chilly Chicken –  whole dried red chillies, crunchy fried chicken. The perfect amount of hot and crunchy. Great bar bite.Truffle baby potatoes – skinned wok tossed baby potatoes, garlic flakes, chilly flakes and the umami flavours of truffle oil. I haven’t had anything quite like this. The crunchy baby potatoes and the light truffle oil works just right. Spiced Turnip Cakes – how many of you would actually eat shalgam? Turnip cakes although, are all win-win. Crunchy on the outside and a soft centre, Cantonese spice, a trio of bell pepper, scallions and garlic.

Large Plates

We suggested Mangolian chicken with garlic butter rice. Tender chicken, scallions and a sweet and spicy Mangolian sauce. The garlic butter rice deserve a special mention. Jasmine rice drenched in butter and garlic and retaining a slight crunch.

Plum by Bent Chair Aerocity

Mangolian chicken with garlic butter rice

Plum by Bent Chair was a beautiful experience. The Truffle baby potatoes, turnip cakes, mushroom bao and garlic butter rice are must-haves.

Where? Plum by Bent Chair, Worldmark 2, Aerocity

Price for two – 2200 INR for two

Cuisine – Asian

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