Quick Chomping – Bruschetta

Fresh bread calls for a delicious breakfast – a crisp bake topped with lots of healthy oats. Cut up a batch, smeared some sandwich spread and topped with fresh veggies, and was good to go for a quick spot of breakfast or evening munch.
Bruschetta (2)Bruschetta (3)
I took inspiration from the humble kheera-tamatar (cucumber-tomato) sandwich which is a staple in Indian houses. The gorgeous baguette, smeared with some Veeba sandwich spread, topped with cucumber slices, tomatoes and a few pieces of sweet corn and black olives to add the extra punch. The second bit, is another interpretation of aloo toast. Topped with some crispy hash browns and Caesar salad dressing, add a little bit cheese on the top to make it a heavier affair.

Bruschetta (5)

Tomato, cucumber, olive bruschetta

Bruschetta (7)

Hash browns with Caesar dressing

Fresh ingredients are so much fun to cook with, more quickies coming up soon.
Happy Chomping 🙂