The perfect day out in Delhi Delis.

Breakfasts used to be one of the most understated meals in India until concepts of Brunch and early morning bites came along and beautiful delis changed it all. Amour Bistro is among those charmingly done bistros that offer a delectable breakfast spread.


A mix of cane and metal chairs, french windows, brown paper table mats and finely woven jute napkins and top-notch cutlery.

The bistro offers a crisp selection of eggs, sandwiches, platters, pancakes and quiches. We ordered a portion of eggs frittatina with chicken ham and a carnivorous platter. Served with flavoured butter and fresh marmalade, the breakfast was an absolutely sumptuous affair.

eggs frittatina

Fluffy eggs stuffed with fresh ham, a slice of freshly baked bread, a crispy hashbrown, grilled tomato and smoked cheddar.

carnivorous platter

Carnivorous platter – Scrambled eggs made to a yummy consistency, chicken sausages, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, hashbrown, smoked cheddar, a slice of fresh bread and a cappuccino. A hearty meal.

After one of the most magnificent breakfasts we headed to Saket for some shopping and treats. With AeroPostale launch and the major crowd redirected towards the new entrant, H&M was getting some breathing space. After careful browsing and swooning over the classics and season favourites at the store. We headed to get a taste of one of the best burgers Delhi has to offer at Cafe Delhi Heights.

A Delhi themed cafe with quirky one liners, printed cushions and trunks that acted as tables, this is one of the best CDH outlets. They have a great waiting area which doubles up as an outdoor seating. The booths are equipped with personal TV Sets and the servers are always at bay for your needs. The signature dish, Juicy Lucy Burger along with a classic margherita was quickly decided upon.


The meal started with a customary breadbasket with flavoured butter.


Next came in Potato wedges served in a mini fryer. Super crisp and very delectable.


Crispy cheesey Margherita pizza topped with fresh basil.


The trademark Juicy Lucy Burger!


250grams of pound meat stuffed with liquid cheese, sesame seed sprinkled bun, pickle, tomato, lettuce, red cabbage, cheese and mayonnaise. Heaven in a bun!

One of the best days for Delhi Delis with no waiting, perfect seats and delish meals.