Third Roast Coffee

Coffee. More than just a much-needed shot of caffeine every morning. It is most certainly a lifestyle now. And for a while, the newest favorite has been Cold Brews. Classic, flavored or shaken up with some alcohol. I recently tried the most amazing Cold Brew boutique brand – Third Roast. With three absolutely lovely variants, here are three reasons why Third Roast should be your next Caffeine spot.

And although many places have come up with Cold brews, controlling the acidity and yet getting the strength right becomes a tough job.

Third Roast

Third Roast Coffee

Straight Up Black

A well brewed, dark roast potent piece. Dark roast Arabica beans, taste brilliant on Ice. You guys can also try it with some milk, if you prefer.


Third Roast Vietnamese Coffee Third Roast Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is a traditional Cold Brew made with dark roast and topped with Condensed milk. The Vietnameasy is easy on the palate, inherently sweet and makes for a really soothing and light drink.


Third Roast Vanilla Coffee Third Roast Vanilla Coffee

This one has to, has to be my favorite. Dark Roast Arabica beans, brewed with a vanilla pod and some extracts, this was the finest of the lot. Absolutely loved the strong vanilla smell and the lingering aftertaste. This again would be great on ice, or with some cream. You could also experiment with sweeter cocktails and try it with tonic and the vanilla can be a playful punch.

Vanilla, has to be my favoriteĀ and recommendation of the lot.

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