#CookandChomp – Open Sandwich with cheese and mushroom sauce

Fusion food is picking up quite well in restaurants across the globe, but fusion I feel starts right in the average kitchen. Out of sheer curiosity and oddly timed hunger pangs, it is awesome to create things from leftovers and make them into awesome newbies. I tried this super fun and easy open sandwich and dressed it with Veeba’s Cheese and Mushroom sandwich spread.

Veeba 1 (2)

Cheese and Mushroom Sandwich Spread by VEEBA

All you need is decide on your patty or topping and slap it on halved burger buns – I used the Sabudana tikkis I made the other day. You can find the recipe here.
Spread the cheese and mushroom sandwich spread on the buns – the slightly pungent cheesy spread with a smooth texture – cheese churned with mushrooms and also a slight hint of chillies. This makes for a excellent spread adding both the creaminess and flavors to the bread. The sauce also tastes pretty mean with nachos. That is what my quickie with the sauce looked like –
Veeba 1 (1)Veeba 1 (4)
Veeba 1 (5)

Ft – Cheese and Mushroom Sauce by Veeba

I have also swapped and tried this with fried eggs and it tastes just as good.
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Happy Chomping!